Welcome to the International Quantum Cascade Lasers School and Workshop 2012 held in Baden near Vienna, Austria Print
Quantum Cabbildung homepage thzlabs1ascade lasers (QCL's) are unipolar semiconductor devices based on intersubband transitions in quantum wells. The different physical principles, which markedly differentiate them from the more traditional diode lasers, enable the realization of optical sources in previously underdeveloped regions of the optical spectrum, such as the mid- and far-infrared. The field of QCL's has been continuously expanding since their first demonstration in 1994 and the performances of these devices have reached today a level of maturity that allows the realisation of commercial optical systems. The operating wavelengths cover a very wide spectral range spanning from 3 - 300µm. Room-temperature continuous wave (CW) operation is routinely achieved and devices are commercially available, opening the door to a wealth of industrial and military applications, particularly in the arenas of chemical and remote sensing, analytical imaging and security.

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Yet, there is scope for improvement and many exciting areas need more investigations to push farther QCL performance such as operating temperatures, wavelength coverage, linewidth control and output power. To this end it is essential to combine technological and fundamental aspects, to find the synergy between device fabrication and growth with the basic understanding of electronic transport and quantum design. Moreover, new QCL architectures based on electronic and photonic engineering or on multi-terminal device may offer new opportunities for applications.


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  • Hiking tips (we have maps in our office): Way-mark S (red):   Ruine Rauheneck (S3) - "Wegerl im Helenental" (Helenental valley footpath) - Cholera Chapel (S7) - Stone of Beethoven (about 1 hour from Hotel, one way). 

  • "Hoher Lindkogel / Eisernes Tor"  834 m: through Helenental to Augustinerhütte and then up to Lindkogel; about 3 h from hotel to Lindkogel). For this hiking tour we recommend walking boots

  • Way-mark N (green): Theresienwarte (N5) - Jungendbrunnen (N6)


  • The weather forecast for the area for next week is lovely, with temperatures between 19-24° Celsius. In the evenings it can be a bit chilly, so don't forget to bring light jackets!

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  • Baden is famous for its hot springs and spas.

  • If you are not a citizen of the European Union, US, Canada, Switzerland, Japan you will most probably need a visa to enter Austria. Check with the Austrian embassy/consulate in your country! Please, contact us if you need a confirmation letter.

  • Make your hotel reservation as soon as possible. September is high travel season for Vienna and hotels will have no vacancies left.

  • Please prepare your poster in DIN A0 portrait (width: 84,1cm x height 118,9 cm).