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The objective of this workshop is to be a "think tank", where the top researchers in the field will report on recent exciting developments and brainstorm on promising new directions ranging from issues of basic device physics to applications. We hope that new strategic directions will emerge to provide a roadmap for future development of QCL technology. Similarly to the previous International QCL workshops (held in Monteverità, Switzerland, and Florence, Italy) speakers will be selected by the programme committee. As for the last meeting the workshop will begin with a two to three days school with comprehensive lectures for PhD students and beginners in the field.

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The workshop will cover device design, modeling, characterization and testing, as well as the basics of QCL transport and optical confinement. Applications, such as high-resolution spectroscopy, chemical sensing for a variety of diagnostic uses, coherent detection, and imaging will also be discussed. This workshop will address both the fundamental physics aspect of these devices as well as new developments. Key features of the workshop will be international participation, connection to applications, as well as an educational tilt for PhD students.

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IQCLSW 2010 took place in Villa Finaly near Florence, Italy, and was co-chaired by Carlo Sirtori (Université Paris Diderot) and Gottfried Strasser (TU Wien)

IQCLSW 2008 took place in Monte Verità, Switzerland, and was co-chaired by Jérôme Faist (ETHZ), Alessandro Tredicucci (NEST CNR-INFM), and Claire Gmachl (Princeton University).
This conference was the follow-up of two very successful meetings:

International Workshop on Quantum Cascade Lasers 2006, the last edition of which was held in Brindisi, Italy, co-chaired by Gaetano Scamarcio (University of Bari) and Qing Hu (MIT)

School on Quantum Cascade Lasers 2006 in Cortona, Italy, organized in the framework of a EU-Marie Curie action POISE, co-chaired by Alessandro Tredicucci (Scuola Normale di Pisa) and John Cockburn (Sheffield University)