Whereas in the first IR-ON funding period (2005-2009) about 180 publications were published in peer-reviewed journals and books, about 225 publications have been published so far in the second phase (2009-2012). 130 articles where published in the high-impact journals Nature, Nano Letters, Physical Review Letters, Advanced Functional Materials, Applied Physics Letters, Advanced Materials, Angewandte Chemie, Journal of the American Chemical Society, and Physical Review (68 articles in phase I, 62 articles in phase II).


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Project 02


  SiGe nanostructures


  F. Schäffler (Linz)



Project 03


  III-V based IR nanodevices


  G. Strasser (Vienna),

  A. Lugstein (Vienna)


Project 04


  Epitaxial lead salt nanostructures


  G. Springholz (Linz)



Project 05


  Nanocrystals for mid IR photonics


  W. Heiss (Linz)



Project 06


  Ab initio description of semiconductor nanocrystals


  G. Kresse (Vienna),

  F. Bechstedt (Jena)


Project 07


  Next generation x-ray techniques


  J. Stangl (Linz),

  G. Bauer (Linz)


Project 08


  Electronic transport in nanostructures (phase I-II only)


  J. Smoliner (Vienna),

  E. Gornik (Vienna)


Project 09


  CAD of optical semiconductor nanodevices (phase I-II)*


  H. Kosina (Vienna)



Project 11


  IR and THz response of nanostructures


  K. Unterrainer (Vienna)



Project 12


  IR detection and emission by nanostructures


  T. Fromherz (Linz)



Project 13


  Mesoscopic theory of quantum devices (phase I-II)*


  P. Vogl (Munich)



Project 14



  Theory and modellingof IR devices (new in phase III)*



  S. Rotter (Vienna)

  H. Kosina (Vienna)

  P. Vogl (Munich)


  * P09 and P13 were merged for the third funding period

  and continue within the new project part P14.