Coordination project


K. Unterrainer

G. Bauer 



The coordination project provides the administrative infrastructure for the research and organizational work of the SFB Infrared Optical Nanostructures. The major administrative tasks are coordinating and performing all financial transactions between the participating institutions and the FWF, collecting all publications and conference contributions, to organize the internal SFB events, scientific and technological meetings to enable a strong and efficient interaction of the SFB participants and coworkers, organizing scientific meetings with international participation, providing a central information office for all SFB members, creating and continuously updating of the IR-ON homepage, coordinating SFB "outreach" activities (for high school students and undergraduate students), and managing the public relations work and interaction with press and media.

The IR-ON workshops are organized in Vienna and Linz, and starting with period II also IR-ON symposia are organized on a bi-annual basis with invited international speakers. In addition public lectures are offered during the workshops and symposia for the general public.


Report 2005-2009 (.pdf)


Report 2009-2012 (.pdf)