Kerstin Hummer's field of research describes optical properties of thefunctional molecules on crystalline surfaces.She studied Technical Chemistry at the TU Vienna. After her PhD studiesat the University of Graz, she worked at the Institute of Physics at theUniversity of Graz.Since her return to Vienna, Kerstin Hummer has been working at thedepartment of Computational Materials Physics at the Faculty of Physics,Universität Wien.

Since 2007 Kerstin Hummer has been president of the association Physicaeet Chimicae solidorum Amici, which organizes conferences and symposia ontheoretical and experimental material sciences.

Kerstin Hummer has been awarded several other awards, e.g. by theUniversity of Graz, by the Maria Schaumayer-Foundation and by theAustrian Physical Society (AT&S Research Grant).

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